Researcher, inventor, entrepreneur:

Friedrich A. Boysen

Friedrich A. Boysen (1895 - 1975) is considered one of the pioneers of modern silencer technology. With his experiments in the fields of acoustics and fluid dynamics, he was the first person to recognise the influence of exhaust gas routing on the charge cycle, engine power and torque progression. Boysen's test rig for exhaust silencers underlines his pioneering work - it was the first of its kind in the world.

Every Boysen employee has the motivation to apply their knowledge and ability in development, testing, production and logistics in practice. We employ flexible thinking, pragmatic action and short decision-making processes. For fast, targeted results that set new standards.

Personally, I have decided on catalytic converters because they have shown the best results to date and catalytic converters can be installed in a standard exhaust system economically.


This was Friedrich A. Boysen's response in a TV interview on 8th January 1965, when asked which form of exhaust gas detoxification he believed would have the greatest success. Just ten years later, catalytic converter technology was used in the USA for the first time.

Friedrich A. Boysen - Key data

From 1921


Exhaust silencers for cars, motorcycles and aircraft

Intake silencers and fresh air heating for cars



Boysen's work in the field of exhaust silencing laid the technical

foundations for the first noise control laws



In the 1930s, silencers manufactured based on his patents

were standard equipment on many motorcycles, cars, aircraft and locomotives



Boysen receives "approval to set up an industrial company for

all kinds of exhaust systems" in Stuttgart



Boysen relocates production to Altensteig

In the 1950s and 1960s, the exhaust specialist works for a range of

well-known customers from the automotive and motorcycle industry: Auto Union, BMW,

Daimler-Benz, DKW, Ford, NSU, Porsche, Heinkel, Zündapp and Kreidler



On 27th October, six weeks after his 80th birthday,

Friedrich A. Boysen dies in Stuttgart



Elisabeth Boysen dies on 15th August. The Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Foundation

becomes the sole owner of the company